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We, as humans, are often in the state of hunger. We want, we want, we want.

Our human brains are wired too often to feel we’d be happier if we just had more. More, more, more.

I often think of life as a menu. Sometimes we’re satisfied, sometimes we just want a little something to satisfy us. There are times we want so much, that full blown ten course meal.

We want the house, the bigger house, the new car, the shinier car, the relationships, we want to travel, travel further and wider, we want to experience all life has to offer, we want the financial abundance.

We have such a zest for life, we just want everything on the menu!

We want to fill our senses.

We ask, we pray, we beg for signs.

Maybe we’re sent appetizers, to satisfy our hunger, our longings, and our desires.

But what we must realize is it takes time to prepare the fabulous meal He is preparing for us!

Maybe the oven, pots, skillets, pans, utensils, are being formed out of gold from heaven!

Maybe the herbs needed to create the perfect flavors and aromas for our dishes, are being grown from heavenly gardens whose plants are still young seedlings.

Maybe all the elements going into our perfect meal require the perfect ingredients that will all come to fruition at the perfect time! They’re just not ready yet!

Picture God as the chef, as his team of Angels as the sous chefs, maître, waiters, bus boys, etc. His entire team creating the perfect atmosphere of comfort and creation, while we’re waiting.

We can’t rush the chef, while He is creating!!

We need to get out of the kitchen, stop peeking in to get a glimpse of what’s being prepared.

It’s human to continue to ask, “Is it ready yet?”

But in the meantime, our Angels hear our prayers, our desires.

While dinner is prepared, He tells them, “I know she’s/he’s been waiting, anxiously awaiting my perfect creation, so excited, why don’t we go ahead and send out some dessert.”

It’s always time for dessert.


I’m Italian. Dessert first always sounds like a good idea to me.


Dessert is our families, our friends. Those people in our lives that provide us with love and laughter, give us hope, give us joy, teach us, guide us, listen to us when we need an ear, dry our tears when we cry, calm us when we’re scared, text us, call us, Facetime us, message us, all while we wait for our meals to be delivered to us.

Dessert. The friendships, the delightful sweets provided to us along the way, the true gifts from God.

Dessert is love.

Rich, decadent, fluffy, beautiful, sweet, with extra toppings, whipped cream, colors of the rainbow, layers upon layer of gooey goodness.

Spend time with family that fills your soul, friends that lift your spirits, make you laugh, allow us to forget our worries and fears, that boost us while we’re waiting, struggling, hoping, wishing, and dreaming along with us.

We all have been blessed with dessert in our lives. I am grateful that He and His team of angels have blessed me with so many delectable sweets in my life, in my path, who walk alongside me at different times throughout my lifetime, my journey.

Let’s remember to be grateful for the dessert we’ve all been blessed with.


All this talk of dessert, I have a taste for something sweet.

MaryAnn and Pearl, let's do lunch, and have DESSERT FIRST!!




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