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So, by the title, you would think that this is FINALLY the blog on FEAR, right?

Sorry to disappoint.

The truth is this. I kept asking my spirit guides every month. “Is it time for the blog on FEAR yet? They would hear me, but kept acting like they didn’t. Almost like they didn’t under the concept, like they didn’t understand the word. They were like, “Huh?” Then they would feed me the next blog subject. The next month I’d ask again, same thing. It’s like they ignored the question, kind of like the concept of fear was foreign to them. They would look at each other and say, “What’s she talking about? Do you know what fear is?” They’d each shrug, and continue to feed me messages filled with love.

Our spirit guides and our angels can’t fathom fear. They know love, they know belief, and faith, but fear is a not a concept they really understand. They don’t give fear a moment’s thought. They lead us on our paths, whisper to our souls, guide us in love, and almost don’t understand when we don’t act upon those whispers.

But that didn’t stop me from asking about the blog on FEAR every month! They may be messengers from God, but hey, I’m a hard headed Italian!

Then a few weeks ago it happened. After my book was released I knew I had to follow up with a blog. So again, I asked the question.

“Is it time for the blog on FEAR yet? Cause I’m sure I could knock that baby out quick!!”

They looked at each other in wonderment.

“Our girl is determined to write about this ‘fear thing’, so why don’t we let her, so she STOPS BUGGING US AND WE COULD FINALLY PUT IT TO REST AND MOVE ON!!”

So that’s what happened.

They gave me the title of this blog, under ONE CONDITION.

I place the word FAITH in front of the word FEAR.

We had a deal. We shook on it.

Simply put, we have choices. If we continue to look for, give attention to, focus on, experience, ask for, and CHOOSE FEAR, that’s what we get. That’s what gets ahold of us.

We focus on it, it’s ours, and boy does FEAR hold on tight. It holds on for dear life.

But if we put our FAITH in front of our fears, (not capitalizing the word fear anymore, see?), our FAITH will always put our fears to rest until they ultimately disappear.

Most of you know by now I released my book last month. I can’t even express here how hard that was to write. I was scared out of my mind. That’s why it took me 2 years to write that small but powerful story of healing. I put my fears ahead of my FAITH. That was my choice. Through the entire writing process they fed me love and support as they gently led me to my laptop every day to write, and as I crafted each chapter. They kept saying, “Don’t be afraid, come on, we’re here, believe in us, have FAITH in us, have FAITH IN YOURSELF.”

I was not just afraid to write my story, publishing it was another fear. Putting it out there for others to read my truth? My story? To possibly be judged?

It costs money to self-publish a book. I was a little relieved when the publisher told me how much it was going to cost, as I didn’t have any money. Almost like a good excuse not to publish at all. Whew, a reprieve. But they weren’t going to have it. Angels stepped in and made this book possible financially.

I then chose fear after I found out I have to buy my own books to have a book party! What a waste of time to worry, after the miracles that I have been shown.

I have since chosen FAITH and know without a doubt, He is sending my book to those who need it, and all will happen the way He has planned it.

When we choose FAITH, it diminishes our fears, and those fears get smaller and smaller until they are gone for good.

I know it’s hard. I KNOW. There are times a lot of us feel like we’re walking on a tightrope without a net. But we’re not alone, ever, and we most certainly always have a net to catch us if we fall.

That’s God’s love, that’s FAITH.

So here and now, we put that other word to rest and move forward in only FAITH.

After all, we shook on it.



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