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I was given the title to this blog a few weeks ago, and fed bits and pieces along the way. Today they told me, “NOW!”

Okay okay, I’m writing!!

I’m still in constant amazement of how our angels and spirit guides work with us. They’re always with us through every challenge, struggle, success, and certainly they know our every fear. They know us, of course, better than we know ourselves.

“Jumping In”. That could mean so many things. But at the end of the day, it’s really all about the same thing. The only reason we wouldn’t “jump into” anything is fear. (No, this is still not the blog on FEAR!)

I love to swim. Lately when I get to the pool, or ocean, I no longer put my toes in first and shriek that it’s “too cold”, and back away until I’m brave enough to try it again. I have learned to embrace the beautiful cool water, and let it work its magic on me.

We are pulled to certain events in our lives and brought to the edge. These events are part of our soul’s journey, and we are brought to the sidelines based on our soul’s desire. Otherwise we wouldn’t have been drawn to the sidelines in the first place. All God asks is that we have enough faith to go ahead and “jump in.” We have free will, so He really won’t push us!! So what are we so afraid of when we don’t want to jump in?

Remember jumping rope? Remember “double-dutch?” This isn’t just one jump rope, it’s two. It takes two “turners” to turn these ropes in opposite directions. As the jumper prepares to “jump in”, they feel the rhythm of the ropes. As others are screaming “JUMP!!”, the jumper still waits until the time is right, as the biggest fear is they’ll get tangled up in the ropes, lose their balance, and perhaps they fear being judged by others watching.

I love music. Love it, Love it. Like everyone else, I love singing my heart out to my favorite songs, even if I don’t know all the words to it, in my own car, alone. So why is it when we’re in front of other people, we won’t sing as loud, or we’re too afraid to show them we’re not sure of all the lyrics!? Again, we fear being judged. We may let that song play without jumping in, singing along, and our souls are screaming to SING!!

If anyone knows me, I love to dance. I LOVE TO DANCE. Growing up in the 70’s my friends and I were the original DANCING QUEENS. We were never afraid to get out on the dance floor and express ourselves. I love country music, and appreciate line dancing. But I don’t know any particular line dance, so whenever I go to a country bar, or NASHVILLE, I watch from the sidelines in awe. If someone asks me to dance, I politely say no. I remember once telling a nice guy, “You go ahead, I love watching you guys. It’s like a club you all belong to, but I appreciate you asking me!” Even though I wanted to dance so badly!!

A couple of weeks ago, I got pulled over. First time since moving to Florida. I was pulled over for expired Florida plates. It’s been a year since I leased a car in Florida. I was pulled over right outside the gates of where I work. As I handed the officer my ILLINOIS DRIVER’S LICENSE, he said, “You work here? You live here? How long? Yet you still don’t have a FLORIDA LICENSE?”

As I tried to explain why I hadn’t changed my license yet, he stopped me mid-sentence, and said “Get your license changed.”

Tears welled up in my eyes. Through my tears, I managed to get these few words out. “I just didn’t know if I was staying here.”

He saw my tears, felt so bad and said, ‘Oh please don’t cry, it’s just time to get it changed.”

I moved to Florida a little over 14 months ago. I rent a house, lease a car, and pay utility bills here.

Most of you may know where I work.

I work for a VERY LARGE corporation, IN FLORIDA.

So, I rent, lease, work and enjoy the perks Florida has to offer, but refused to “Jump in” the state. I have only had my toes in Florida. My heart was still in Chicago.

Today I got my license changed. (As I was forced to!)

As I walked home from the facility, my Florida license in my wallet, my feet firmly on the state roads, they fed me the rest of this blog.

Even though I thought I wasn’t ready, I was waiting for the rhythm, the perfect time, or perhaps I was afraid of failure, getting tangled up or not belonging to the club, I am now officially a FLORIDIAN.

I have to stop looking behind me and start looking in front of me, without fear.

My book is now in design stage. It will hopefully be published in a month or two. Although I wrote the beginning in Chicago, most of the book was written in Florida, as I was literally led to Florida by my angels. Although Chicago will always be my home, my book will be published by a Florida resident.

We are all led to our paths. All we have to do is listen. But it’s not enough if we don’t have faith in ourselves to take the next step and “jump in”.

Some of you may remember the day I “came out’ regarding my gift. What most don’t know is what happened that morning.

That morning, May 28, 2014.

As I was “told” the day before I would be doing this, I agreed and had fully intended on listening to my guides. But during the night I panicked. In the morning I didn’t think I could do it. I was so scared, I cannot even describe my fears.

Then I heard a woman’s voice. She was soft spoken, gentle and so loving. She said, “I know you’re scared, but I’m right here. Why don’t we do it this way? Why don’t you write the Facebook post, as if you were going to post it? Just write it. You don’t have to post it if you don’t want to. I’ll stay right here with you.”

And she did. She stayed with me the entire time I wrote the post. I finished, and went into my daughter Gina’s room to show it to her. Gina loved it. She asked me if I was going to post it, I said, “I’m not sure yet.”

I left Gina’s room, came back into my serenity room, sat down, took a deep breath and hit “post”.

I did it.

I went back into Gina’s room and told her I did it. I posted my truth. No turning back now.

Gina was looking down at her phone. She looked at me, in disbelief and said, “Mom, Maya Angelou died!”

It is my steadfast belief that Maya Angelou came to me that morning and helped me to “jump in”. She was the soft spoken gentle woman that gave me the courage I needed. I know this with every ounce of belief, from my soul.

Sing the words to your favorite songs, out loud, even if you don’t know all the words!

Stop watching from the sidelines, JUMP IN there, without fear or judgment.

Jump in and DANCE, DAZZLE, even if you don’t know the steps! I promise, Leslie Cesario and Tammy Kudrna, I will line dance with you in Nashville yet!!

Jump in the water, ALL THE WAY IN, let the beautiful waters surround you and immerse you in their magic.

Feel the euphoria, the indescribable joy when you step into your truth and follow your soul’s journey.



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