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During our lifetime, we walk many roads, many paths.

These paths take many twists and turns, or at times, diversions.

There are times on our paths where we stop briefly or feel like we’ve stopped altogether.

Sometimes we feel like we’re going backwards, or not moving at all.

Sometimes we feel paralyzed, frozen in our tracks.

Sometimes we feel indecisive, or stuck.

I used to believe ALL the above are pretty normal feelings.

I’ve since learned, that these feelings only reflect our fears.

Since I work so hard at choosing love, I now choose to view these feelings as something else.


For what is a pause really?

A pause is a time to reflect.

A pause is a time to gather your thoughts.

A pause can be a caution, like waiting for the signal to cross the street without running into busy traffic.

Yes, there are times to “jump in”, but there are also times to pause.

It’s knowing the difference, when to jump, or when to pause.

A pause is a time to breathe.

Before we decide.

Before we speak.

Before we move forward.

Pause to look at the sky.

Pause to touch the grass, or touch the snow.

Pause to look at the stars.

A pause is a time to feel. To smell. To hear. To experience. To take it all in.

Pauses can actually make us feel more alive.

Pause to pull the car over, to stop on the side of the road, at a rest stop. Check your map. Refuel your tank.

Refuel yourself.

Pauses are necessary to chart your course, and get back on the road fresh and with direction, with purpose, with confidence and passion.

I choose to no longer confuse pausing with feelings of setbacks, indecision or standing still.


Feel the air on your face.

Feel the energy around you.

Feel the love within you, and all around you.


Then hit play, and experience all He wants you to experience.



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