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We all know it. Experienced it. Felt it. Feel it at times. Various degrees of pain.

We also know how to deny pain, bury pain, and even ignore pain. Some may even claim they’re not in pain, or they just don’t feel it.

We all know how to numb pain, one way or another.

But what about when it’s not your pain?

What if you’re experiencing someone else’s pain?

We’ve all said “I feel for you.” Or, “I feel your pain.” Even, “I wish I could take your pain.”

Do we really feel other’s pain?

Should we?

Should we take someone else’s pain?

If we do, what happens to that pain?

Does it become ours?

Will that person, whose pain it is, ever learn how to cope with their own pain if we take it?

What if, in dealing with their own pain, they hurt others, by word or deed?

Should we take that pain?

If we do, how will they learn how to heal themselves, to seek help, or some kind of relief? Will they ever learn how to get to the bottom of their pain?

Is it fair to someone to take on their pain?

If we do, what happens to us when we let someone else’s pain in? What does that do to us?

I know, lots of questions here.

I work very hard to stay upbeat, positive and learn my lessons every day. Not always easy, but I do make it a priority to feel joy, every day, no matter what I’m doing that day.

If pain or any type of fear creeps in, I now have the tools to handle whatever bubbles up inside me, or whatever comes at me.

But what about when the pain isn’t mine? What about when it’s someone else’s pain, and they thrash about? What if that person chooses their pain, thrives on their own pain, and really doesn’t know the difference?

What if that person lashes out at us, in pain and fear?

Is that still their pain?

Is it mine now?


I have learned not to judge fear or pain. I have now learned to recognize it quickly and immediately say to God, “Whew, thanks for showing me that FEAR AND PAIN, but no thanks, I’ll take a pass on that.”

We all have choices.

We can feel pain, or we can feel good.

At the same time, we can’t judge someone for being in pain, how they handle their pain, lashing out in pain, wallowing in pain, or hurting others with their pain, even loving their pain. We must remember that EVERYONE IS DOING THE NEXT BEST THING FOR THEMSELVES.

All we can do is love them, unconditionally, as hard as that is to do at times.

We simply don’t have to make their pain, our pain.

Send them good energy, send a prayer up for them, continue to feel good, find the good, and create the good in all we say and do.

I know it’s hard, I KNOW.

I KNOW!!!!


It’s all you need.

Love yourself, free of pain and fear, and you will in time, teach other’s to do the same.

I’m learning from the best, I have amazing teachers.




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