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Slowwwing Down

A few months ago I saw the movie Creed. Creed is the latest installment of the Rocky series. (Yeah I know, I was “supposed to” write this blog a while ago. Oops!)

I love the Rocky movies. Right? Who doesn’t? Each movie has a theme, a simple and beautiful message, a simple life lesson.

“Get back in the ring”

“Eye of the Tiger”

“Going in one more round when you don’t think you can – that’s what makes all the difference in your life.”

“Women weaken legs.” (Ha-ha)

This series of movies has been such a big part of my spiritual journey. It’s no coincidence that the company that published my book is BALBOA PRESS. That miracle is a story for another time.

Every movie in this series has its own inspirational story line, and you can walk away feeling inspired and ready to take on the world in one way or another.

“Creed” chronicles the journey of Apollo Creed’s illegitimate son, a tough streetfighter, who after working his way up to a desk job, desperately wants to be a fighter, and prove his worth to himself and his late father, the great Apollo Creed.

He quits his day job, enters the ring, and takes on opponent after opponent, until he realizes he can go no further without the right help; the right trainer. He ultimately tracks down Rocky and asks if he would train him. Although reluctant at first, Rocky sees himself in the young fighter, and agrees to train and ultimately mentor Adonis Johnson. Rocky finally realizes he can help Adonis, the way Mickey helped him.

Rocky’s words of wisdom are not lost on this eager and hopeful young man.

As Rocky stands behind Adonis, looking into a large dirty mirror at the gym, he pleads for the boy to look at himself.

Really look at himself.

“That’s the toughest opponent you’re ever going to have to face.”

As Rocky continues to mentor young Donnie, he reminds him:

“One step at a time.”

“One punch at a time.”

“One round at a time.”

The message conveyed in this movie is one I really needed at a particular time in my journey. Of course it was, because that’s how our spirit guides work. They are OUR TRAINERS. They whisper to us, “Call this person, watch this program, turn on the radio, and watch this particular movie tonight.”

Messages, like little clues await us everywhere.

We may know what we want, but our spirit guides, our angels know what we need.

Sometimes we may not be on the same page, but they always know best, whether we want to admit it or not, whether we want to listen or not.

I’ve learned to listen, most of the time!

We want so much to climb mountains, yet we may not have the right equipment, hiking boots, poles, supplies, TRAINING, AGILITY, STRENGTH, etc. As we begin our climb, we must put one foot in front of the other, keep our balance, and keep moving forward, dodging and weaving the slippery rocks, debris, and anything else that can get in our way.

On our way up, we learn.

We wish we could cross that finish line quickly, but must realize our lessons are actually IN THE RACE.

We go to school, yet can’t stop thinking, talking about, wishing for graduation. Yet all the lessons, lifelong friendships, EVERYONE we meet along the way are the things that actually shape us, what teaches us, what inspires us, what helps us grow.

Don’t wish away school, the training, the lessons.


After all, we don’t want to miss all the good stuff!!

One step at a time.

One punch at a time.

One round at a time.

It won’t be long before you can scream with pride, on the top of your lungs,





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