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I hate working out. I do. I think I do. Wait, I don’t think I do? I really don’t. Huh?

It hurts. I’m pushing myself to use muscles I forgot I had. Didn’t know I had. I don’t even know where they are, and yet they seem to hurt. It takes so much energy. Energy sometimes I think I don’t have.

Okay, maybe “hate” is too strong. How about this:

I struggle with working out.

Throughout our lives we are all assigned spirit guides. They are assigned to us for life. When we need help, they are always there. We can call on them to ask their assistance, even though they whisper in our ears daily. Sometimes we just don’t hear or acknowledge their whispers. They work in tandem with our Guardian Angels. Our guides each have their jobs. I know I have a main guide, Native American male named Andreas. (To be honest, I’ve seen him, he’s HOT!)

He’s kind, patient and has always been with me to assist in finding my path, and building my strength. I have another guide who cares for my holistic side, and whispers to me about my health, eating right, etc. Another one of my guides is a bit of a troublemaker, and whispers to my carefree, joyous, loving side.

When you need help with a certain part of your life, you can call on your guides, and they step in immediately. They may even bring in a special guide to help you get through a certain road on your path. Kinda like a specialist.

When I write, my artistic side, more guides come in to assist. All I have to do is call on them, and viola, there they are. Even though they are whispering to me every day. I just formally invite them in.

Our guides push us to do what we think we can’t do. They’re almost like cheerleaders.

But what I have come to learn is when you hold back the person you are meant to be, when you aren’t listening daily, they stop becoming cute cheerleaders and turn into TRAINERS.

Yep. TRAINERS. Like the ones who SCREAM IN YOUR EAR to “Drop and give me 20!!”

In my first blog, I wrote about LESSONS. How we’re supposed to learn our lessons to ascend and grow to a higher level of ourselves.

Well, since life is a SCHOOL, guess what?

Sometimes it’s time for gym class.

As we work hard to learn our lessons, and eagerly want to ascend to graduate to another level, we are reminded of gym class.

“Why gym class? Can’t I just learn? I’m doing fine! Learning, ascending, teaching, taking in all you want to teach me, and I’M RETAINING IT! ISN’T THAT ENOUGH?

Why do we need to take a break from all this “education” and go to gym class!?

I’m so comfy here in this classroom!!!”

The answer of course is to build STRENGTH.


Ahhhh…..forgot about that. I thought everything I was learning was already making me stronger.

Not strong enough. Wait, the best is yet to come.

So as we wonder why we still deal with the everyday issues of life, health issues, money issues, worries, fears, wondering when this will all pass so we can move on, move out, move up, we are reminded, WE’RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE IF WE’RE NOT STRONGER, AND STRONGER, AND STRONGER YET.

So they push us. And push us. Scream in our ears, LIKE THOSE TRAINERS WE SEE IN THE MOVIES.

Do I have to work another 40 hours this week?


Can’t I take a break? I’m tired! Are we done yet? My arms and legs hurt! My head hurts!

They are in my face, in my ear, telling me, “You have more in you”.

No I don’t.

Yes you do.

No, I really don’t.

Yeah, YOU REALLY DO. More importantly, YOU KNOW IT TOO!

I can’t.

You can.

I really can’t.

Yeah, you really can, and you will. Keep breathing.

Everything in our lives happens for a reason. To teach us, to guide us, to build our strength. No matter what any of us have gone through, or are going through right now, we have to remember it’s not just about the lessons.

It’s also about STRENGTH.

Just picture your spirit guide, whispering in your ear. “You can do it, you have more in you. I’m so proud of you, and you will be so proud of yourself when you begin to feel stronger after this workout is over.

Keep going, I’m not leaving you, I’m right here, with a towel and water bottle.”

I picture Mickey and Rocky. Mickey, who believed in Rocky when at times, Rocky didn’t believe in himself.

Mickey never gave up on Rocky.

My trainer just arrived. Time for pushups.

Okay, okay, okay, keep your feathers on! I’m COMING!!




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