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So, this is my first blog, my first post!

Now what? Okay spirit, lead on.

For several years, I’ve been told I was supposed to blog. When I say “told”, I mean I was literally told by my dear friend Theresa. We would talk for hours, about our lives, experiences and in the last few years, the amazing experiences that were constantly leading to ascension of my gifts. I am a medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient and intuitive. Theresa is both “technologically savvy” and a creative photographer, so she saw both sides of the spectrum. The social media side, and a creative outlet as well. Over coffee or Margaritas, she would look at me and simply say, “Ohhhh….you need to blog.”

I guessed she meant I was to share my experiences with others, in the social media world we live in. I was “told” by spirit I was to teach. Okay, so Social media + teaching = blogging? Gotcha.

Of course, the first thing that pops in my mind when I think of blogging is that movie about Julia Child. The main character is a blogger who cooked all the recipes in Julia Child’s first cookbook. Again, blogging is about experiencing, sharing, teaching, and very often inspiring. I know after that movie,

I know I wasn’t the only one who googled “cooking schools.”

It’s also about passion and fearlessness.

So, I thought my first blog would be about fear. How fear holds us back, paralyzes us, etc. But spirit is telling me to hold off on that subject for now.

What they’re telling me to write about, in this, my first blog are lessons.

First of all, I would like to thank all those that supported me through this decision to come forward and step into my gift. Thank you to my children, my family, my dear friends all across the country as well as my dear co-workers, both past and present. Your support has overwhelmed me, and given me the courage to take this next step.

Of course I must thank God and spirit. My angels and spirit guides lead me, teach me, support me every step of the way. Every time I took a tiny step closer to accepting my gift, they would cheer, celebrate and literally bring me to tears at what lengths they would go to for me, how much they love me. It’s been quite a ride so far, and it’s only the beginning. At least that’s what they tell me.

But what I’m supposed to share in this first blog is this:

This isn’t about me.

Of course not. It’s not the “check me out” blog. Not my show. I’m not the main attraction here.

You are. We all are.

This is about all of us, and the gifts we have all. Everyone has these gifts. Everyone.

Everyone has that inner voice. That instinct. That intuition. Those “feelings”. You’re not imagining any of it, you have everything you need right inside of you. The only thing missing in belief.

There are many many ways to cultivate your gifts.

The gifts you’re blessed with. There are books, audio tapes, u-tube videos, classes, podcasts, etc. So much to learn, so many gifted individuals ready to teach.

But today, right now, spirit wants me to talk about lessons. They keep telling me to get back to lessons!

Okay, okay, I hear ya!!

Every day we are taught lessons. Everywhere we go, everything we do. Every person we run into teaches us a lesson. Everyone and everything. Every situation, good, bad and ugly. Even when you’re in the worst situation, or encounter a person you may not normally “choose to encounter”, all we have to do is see the lesson, experience the lesson, and learn the lesson to ascend our souls to a higher level of understanding.

Sometimes easier said than done. I know.

It’s like when you go to school. First grade, a lesson plan. You learn the lessons, you’re promoted to second grade. Keep learning, viola promoted. Then comes high school. Wow, a bit harder. Study, learn the lessons and you will graduate, and head to college. All along the way during your academic years you learn, then are quizzed. Ya know, to see if you were paying attention.

Whoops, didn’t do that well on the quiz? Go back and study the lessons, as the TEST is coming up on Friday.

How’d you do on that test? Really good? Good! You learned all your lessons, time for more lessons!

Uh oh, pop quiz!!!!

See, we’re really not too afraid of the tests or pop quizzes if we learned the lessons. If we listened, paid attention. The tests are only scary if we didn’t learn, or don’t know what we were supposed to learn. Even if we think the lesson is stupid, makes no sense, it doesn’t matter. The teacher knows how important each lesson is.

That’s how it works with our souls. Learn each lesson life teaches you, your soul ascends to a higher level of understanding.

We all have our life paths to follow. Our ultimate goal in following our paths, is happiness, joy, and love, right? Along these paths, we have many experiences, adventures, and challenges. Every person you meet along your path, every challenge, every adventure, even every job, are all brought to us for a reason. To learn lessons along the way. Maybe we have had jobs we love, maybe jobs we didn’t love too much. Perhaps it’s a job we just tolerate, until our dreams come true? Until we reach Oz, the Emerald City, where we think the answers lie? We work hard to get ahead, to formulate careers, and perhaps a promotion or two, because we think ultimately this is our path, our happiness, our joy. It goes so much deeper than that, as we are here to learn those lessons we didn’t even know we were supposed to learn.

Every day, every single day we get up and head out the door, or even when we don’t step out the door, we are to learn a lesson that day. We’re all in training, every day, training for that next lesson, that next level.

In the last 7 months, as I literally “tucked my gifts away” and headed out to work every day, I soon learned I wasn’t going to work at all. I was going to school.

That’s when I learned God and spirit plan our lessons accordingly. It’s really their classroom.

I’ll admit it. There are times I ask them, “What am I doing? What is going on here? I know you’re leading me to something. What the heck is it?” Mind you all this time at work, I’m hiding my gift, but I’m still delivering messages to co-workers, from their loved ones. Always whispering, “Pssst…I have to tell you something…there’s a female/male spirit with you who wants me to tell you……oh, and please don’t tell anyone about my gift…not many people know.”

All this time, hiding who I was, whispering about my God given gift? Whispering about who I am, and what they’re telling me to relay???

Spirit has been nudging me, pestering me, pushing me into shouting loud and proud, and I choose not to, out of fear. At the same time, they were teaching me lessons every single day. If I couldn’t understand the lesson, I would ask, “What was THAT all about???”


I would continue to ask, listen, and within a day or two, there it was. I learned the lesson. They cheered, gave me a sign, like a little badge, and moved me up a level.

Back to work. That’s when it happened. I learned one of my biggest lessons.

It was the day before I came out, May 27, 2014.

As most people, I do a variety of things at my job. I can pick up shifts at different locations. This day, I was folding towels. A large mound of towels. All different shapes and sizes. This is usually a pretty meditative job, and I usually enjoy it. But on this day a tiny bit of ego came over me. I asked, “When are you going to show me my path? I’ve been asking every day!!! When? When? Whennnnnnn?”

This is what they told me.

“You continue to want to fight. Fight to find your path. Fight for the right to live your life without fear. You want to be who you are, to live in sunshine and complete joy. You want to create, inspire, and live your life in passion and love. You want to fight for happiness. But you’re still in training. We’re training you. Learn what we want to teach you. Continue to learn the lessons. We’ll tell you when you’re ready, when we know you’ve learned and are ready to ascend to that level. Be patient, and listen.”

Then as I continued to fold this towel, the way I was taught to fold these mountain of towels, I heard this:

“Wax on, wax off.”

You remember the movie. Mr. Miyagi had Daniel waxing his car, painting his fence, sanding his decks. Daniel couldn’t understand why he was doing such menial tasks, when Mr. Miyagi promised to teach him to fight. Just when he broke down and screamed, “You’re supposed to teach and I’m supposed to learn! For 4 days I’ve been busting my a**, and haven’t learned a g****** thing!”

Mr. Miyagi says: You learn plenty.

Daniel: I learned plenty, yeah. I learned how to sand your decks maybe. I washed your car, paint your house, paint your fence”. I learned plenty.”

Miyagi: Ah, not everything is as seems…..

It’s at that point in the movie, Miyagi tells Daniel, “Show me wax-on. Show me wax off.”

What Daniel didn’t realize is this entire time, he was in training. Training to fight. It’s time to stop fighting for the right to fight. As Miyagi says, “You train to fight so you don’t have to fight.”

We train to understand. To see. To experience. To grow. To inspire. To love.

We’re all in training. We all have times when we feel our lives are full of menial tasks, long hard hours at work, responsibilities, doing things we don’t want to do, but know we must. There are times we all ask, “Why? Why oh why, oh why? When oh when oh when are things going to change?”

The answers are right there. Next time you ask “when” or “why”, take some time to look around. Better yet, look within.

Listen to the whispers in your soul.

Hear. Experience. Learn. Be inspired.

Just as there as lessons all around us, there is inspiration all around us as well. Inspiration comes to us in so many ways.

The sun, the moon, the stars, a river, a lake, the ocean.

The birds and the insects.

All inspiring.

There’s inspiration in art, sports, music and yes, in movies. Inspiration comes from each other. Each one of us can inspire, and teach.

Surround yourself with those people that inspire you and help you grow.

When we stop learning, we stop growing.

We need to put ego and fear aside, and just listen.




Be inspired.






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