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Somersaults. Backwards Somersaults. Walkovers. Back handsprings.

Ahhh. That part of the school semester in gym class that focused on “basic gymnastics”. You either loved it, or hated when this “curriculum” came around every year.

I lovd it. I was pretty good, although I never mastered the back handspring. Come to think of it, I don’t think I ever attempted it, although I always wish I had. Perhaps at the time, I was too scared.

My brother Steve was a gymnast, he was on our high school gymnastics team. I remember begging him to show me whatever he learned while playing in our backyard. We filmed him with our 8mm camera, and would watch them over and over. I was so in awe of him.

I loved going to our high school basketball or football games. Sure, I’d watch the game, as it was as much of a social event as anything else, but I loved when the cheerleaders performed. The cheerleaders were our school’s female gymnasts. Perhaps some were jealous of the cheerleaders. I was only envious of their gymnastic moves. They were my heroes. I’d watch them flip, spring and seemingly float through the air, with what looked like grace and such ease, although I knew how strong these young woman were. I now believe I envied their strength and fearlessness.

I especially loved going to my brother’s gymnastics meets. All the gymnasts made it look so easy. I still love watching gymnasts. (When the Olympics are on, that’s still my favorite event).

I realize that those moves that take our breath away, that we somehow take for granted, are perfected by weeks, months and years of practice. I can only imagine the beating a gymnasts’ body takes. Pulled muscles, torn “whatever”, sore “you name it”, and sheer physical and mental exhaustion from hours and hours, months, years of practice.

Yet they make it look so easy.

So what does this have to do with us? What does this have to do with us spiritually, especially many, many, many years after high school? When we’re no longer more “forced” into gym class?

The fact is, we are always in school, and certainly always in gym class. Still. Everyday. In everything we do.

We’re still doing somersaults to move forward in our lives, and often asked to do what we feel may be the impossible, the “back handspring.”

We’ll get back to that.

This blog is about “Backwards Somersaults”.

I was given this topic by my spirit guides a few months ago. They pushed me to write this, but you know me, I have to argue with them, the hard headed Italian woman that I am.

They won, as they always do.

When I was young, I spent a lot of time with my friends at our local swimming pool, as we all did. All the local pools had great diving boards. I loved the diving board. Diving boards can be scary, as again, you either love or fear them.

At first, I slowly worked up my nerve to just jump off the board, as from way up there, it seems so high up, so far from the water. Gulp.

Then I attempted to dive off the board. But the water went up my nose.

There are many factors into a forward dive off the diving board. Landing is the key. You can belly flop, smack your face on the water, or get water up your nose. So I opted out of that quickly, and I found a solution to that.

I attempted and somehow perfected a BACKWARDS SOMERSAULT off the diving board.

For me, the backwards somersault off the diving board, although may look harder, was actually easier for me. I never figured out why, until now. Until my spirit guides showed me, made me see, forced me to see.

Back to gym class. Although I never attempted a back handspring, the move I desperately sought, I mastered the backwards somersault.

For really, what is a backward somersault?

There are many factors that go into this move. Squat position. Palms facing the ceiling. Drop your butt. Push with your hands and shoulders. Straighten arms. TUCK. Protect your neck, use your hands.

Keep your form.


The backwards somersault, whether on a diving board, or gym mat is so much harder because YOU CAN’T SEE WHERE YOU’RE GOING.

You must keep your form, to protect your body, concentrate, then, TUCK & ROLL.

It takes faith, courage, strength and belief in yourself to continue to TUCK & ROLL backwards, not sure were or how you’ll land.

So many time in life we feel like we’re all going backwards, or not moving forward as fast as we like. We experience loss of jobs, career changes, ever changing relationships, personal growth, etc.

My guides have shown me, taught me, that what we perceive a BACKWARDS MOVE, is actually so much harder, and will build your strength and confidence if perfected.

Coose your favorite gymnastic move.

Perfect it.

Let your angles be your “spotters”.

All these moves, ANY MOVEMENT AT ALL, is part of our growth.


My guess is our back handsprings are just around the corner.

Perfect the “Tuck and Roll.”

Believe, and FLY.




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